Welcome to Sicame UK

A subsidiary of Sicame Group
Welcome to Sicame UK, where innovation meets reliability in the realm of electrical distribution.

Welcome to Sicame UK

Sicame UK designs and manufactures a wide range of electrical distribution equipment that is used throughout the electrical distribution and supply industry. Our products are used across the globe by a number of electricity supply utilities, satisfying their demanding and onerous requirements on many varied network designs and in wide ranging climatic conditions.

Sicame UK possess a quality management system accredited to ISO 9001:2015. In addition, the company is fully approved with supply chain specialists Achilles for UVDB, and Supply Line (Ireland), together with RISQS for manufacturers and suppliers of equipment to the rail industry. Sicame UK holds Network Rail approval for its large range of polymeric insulators to replace traditional glass or porcelain overhead line equipment. All of our products are fully tested to British or harmonised European or IEC standards.

Cable Accessories

We offer a complete range of Low and Medium Voltage components, for all your Cable Jointing needs, from connectors and resins to Complete Jointing Systems and mastics.

Polymeric Insulators

We quickly identified the benefits of using composite polymer insulator technology to replace traditional materials such as glass or porcelain for Insulators.

Low Voltage Fusegear

We manufacture a wide range of low voltage fusegear. Use the links on the right to browse through our catalogue.

What our clients are saying about us

Being in this industry for more than 65 years, we have established long-term and stable partnerships with various clients

Sicame Group is currently the largest independent entity in its sector. The Group's products are distributed on five continents.


Henley launches his own independent business in 1837 Whitechapel


A pioneer in the 1863 manufacture of  Telegraph Cables


Old City of London HQ


The Famous film director 1919 Alfred Hitchcock has a career with WT Henley


WTHenely manufactured tennis ball for wimbledon and golf balls known as the 'Why Not range'

North Woolwich braiding shop


Henley Factory circa


Much of the pipeline and associated joints 1944 were manufactured by WT Henley during the WW11 Operation Pluto

Bakelite Selection


Henley is acquired by AEI along with SIEMENS brothers 1959 and The Liverpool Electric AEI Cables Company


SED was founded as SHEARMAGIC Hepworth Electrical 1960 Developments

SED Holmfirth


WTH acquired by GEC


Hepworth acquired ERMA


Hepworth acquired by Groupe Sicame


WTH acquired by TT Electronics


Erith site


WTH acquired by Groupe Sicame


Sicame UK formed from the Sicame Group's UK Subsidiaries


Present day - Hoo, Rochester factory

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